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Rescue DOG

Molly was handed into Chilterns Dog Rescue Society at the age of 3 months; unwanted by her first owner. On 13 January 2018, we were matched with her to provide a forever home in the EastEnd of London.


There are too many unwanted pups which find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own. Lets challenge negative perceptions of rescue doggos and encourage more people to "adopt don't shop".


border terrier x

She loves to chase squirrels, sit in the long grass and watch the world go by, and she's a bit of a scavenger. Molly's mostly border terrier. 81% to be precise - we tested her DNA! She's fast and loves to dig (especially anything newly planted in our garden)... that'll be the touch of jack russell in her. Not sure what she gets from the lakeland? Style?

Check out Molly's Embark DNA results >>



Local markets, Epping Forest, the wetlands, beards, avocado on toast and lots of doggos. Suits us.


Molly's 23 months old (24 human years). She’s currently experiencing #sittingdownitis.