Running for dogs in need

Ahead of our 5km race in Victoria Park this month, we were interviewed by the Dog Jog team about why we set Molly this challenge and what Chilterns Dog Rescue Society means to us.

  • What was your first experience with Chilterns Dog Rescue Society (CDRS)?

We wanted to rescue a dog for some time but living in rented accommodation in London with a ‘no pets’ policy meant we couldn’t. When we moved into our own home last August, the search began. In fact, we applied for nine dogs at different shelters before we came across Molly at CDRS. Being matched with the right dog is not always easy, and so it shouldn’t be. Both you and the dog must be right for each other as you have a long time together ahead of you.

We had been connecting with smaller, independent shelters; those that perhaps don’t get the recognition or support they deserve. When we found CDRS all the pieces fell into place. We saw a picture of Molly and booked an appointment to meet her.

Who could resist that face?

Molly, 3 months old at the rescue shelter

  • Why did you match with Molly? 

We were particularly looking for an active breed, a dog that could come running with us, as well as a smaller dog to fit in our cosy home. Molly was three months old at the time, a terrier (Border Terrier with a bit of Jack Russell – we had her DNA tested!) and bundle of energy. We were told she hadn’t had a bad experience just that her first owner couldn’t cope. And we could see why - on our first meeting she burst into the room like a rocket and it was difficult to get a good look at her.

We were also vetted to make sure we could provide what Molly needed. We both work part-time from home so we can take her for long walks and provide company all day, we have a secure garden with high fences (Molly’s a little escape artist), and we were ready and raring to adopt.

  • How has your life changed since being matched with Molly?

No matter how much you plan for a dog in your life nothing really prepares you for the chaos that’s about to begin. As a young pup, the first couple of months were tough. Toilet training, biting, demanding constant attention… we soon enrolled in puppy school to help with basic cues and for all important socialisation.

Molly is now 11 months old and things have calmed down considerably, although she’s still a rocket. Our lives have certainly changed. We need to think about Molly in everything we do. You can’t just pop to the shops or spend an afternoon people watching in a café. Molly needs enrichment, playtime and long walks. We spend time researching training techniques, healthy dog foods and dog-friendly holidays.

Dog-friendly Devon
Our days start at the crack of dawn and end with us all curled up together on the sofa. It’s not easy (she’s dug up every flower in the garden), but it’s worth it.

Molly brings great joy into our lives. She has taught us to be patient and kind. We’re fit and healthy too – we’ve never walked so much!

  • How has her life changed since being given a loving family to take care of her?

Molly has found her forever home with us, hopefully 15+ more years as a member of our family. We’d like to think we’re providing her with what she needs, and more. Every morning she erupts from her bed and explodes with joy at seeing our faces. She’s at her happiest exploring forests or by the beach. She’s a real adventure dog. Luckily we live near Epping Forest so she can chase a squirrel or two. Molly’s super friendly and has to say hi to every dog and human she comes across. She’s confident and brave; a big personality in a little package. We’re proud to be her ‘pawrents’.

  • Why would you recommend CDRS for potential dog owners?

Chilterns Dog Rescue Society is an independent rescue and rehoming shelter in Hertfordshire. The charity refuses to put dogs down, provides extensive veterinary care and training for dogs that need it. CDRS gives a second chance to hundreds of dogs every year.

The team are extremely friendly and knowledgeable; they’re real dog-lovers. They helped us through the adoption process, providing information and support. We’re certainly a member of their extended family and they’re always keen to hear updates about Molly’s progress.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, we’d recommend considering adoption from a reputable shelter like CDRS. There are many reasons to adopt, not least because you’re saving a life.

Too many dogs come into rescue shelters and too few people consider adoption. With shelters bursting at the seams, lots of dogs are put down. When you adopt, you open up a space for another dog who desperately needs it.

  • Why did you choose to enter Dog Jog?

We like to be active. Although I wouldn’t call us speedsters, we have run a marathon and several half marathons. We wanted a pup that could join us and potentially encourage us to go a little faster!

Cross country training

One thing we’ve learnt over the last eight months with Molly is a tired puppy is a happy puppy. Molly needs at least one hour of quality exercise every day and knowing Molly she needs more. As she’s still growing we’re not embarking on any ultramarathons any time soon but we have set her a 5km Dog Jog challenge around Victoria Park, London on 28th October.

We’re in training as we speak, mostly trying to teach Molly to run in a straight line alongside us. 

We’ll be fundraising for CDRS, to give back to a charity that does so much for dogs in need, and which matched us with Molly. We’re so looking forward to joining all those pups and ‘pawrents’ at that start line. Wish us luck.

If you’d like to cheer Molly on, please visit our fundraising page. Every £1 supports dogs in need. Your donation gives abandoned and unwanted dogs a happy future.