Pirate Molly

We hope Molly's already over her second fear phase (typically around 5-6 months), but as she's still young there's a lot out in the world she hasn't yet encountered. We're keen to continue building her confidence with new and interesting experiences.

We also want to learn what really gets her tail wagging, so we can do more of it.

Today, humans and their doggy sidekicks share a whole range of activities; going above and beyond walkies. From agility training, canicross (cross-country running with your dog) and doga (dog yoga) to dog-friendly film nights. Everything's possible.

We're going to focus on exercise-based activities; to burn her energy and keep us healthy too. This weekend we set out on a paddleboarding adventure down the Thames, with 11 other dog-human partnerships.

We know Molly loves wading in shallow rivers, but her paws are usually touching the ground. Would she enjoy being the captain of this ship?

The event was hosted by City Paws Club, an activity centre dedicated to dogs and their humans, and Active 360, London paddleboarding specialists.

Both adorned with a life jacket, we set sail. After a rocky start (escaping back to shore to chase birds, and jumping ship to join another paddleboard) Molly soon found her sea legs. The sights, sounds and smells were enough to tire any pooch out, as well as having to keep balanced as a crew. Some dogs simply lay down and enjoyed the view. Molly took her place at the helm, barking directions, or turned to the rear to check if all her new found friends were following.

3hrs in the glorious sunshine, paddling with the tide. Sunday afternoons don't get much better. Molly loves water... so what's next? More watery adventures of course. Next stop, the annual Dog Swim at Saltdean Lido in Brighton.

Do you have any recommendations? What gets your dog's tail wagging?