Not another dog blog!?

Can you have too much of a good thing?

Let us explain.

We both grew up with dogs, myself (Jo) with two beagles and Justin with a mini schnauzer, but we look back with rose tinted glasses. It was all playtime and cuddles, wasn't it?

We've been living in rented accommodation for 15 years, not able to knock a nail in the wall, paint anything other than magnolia and absolutely no pets. We dreamed of giving a rescue dog a second chance. Finally we had a home and garden of our own, so we started our search.

When we were matched with Molly, we found ourselves with a puppy and a terrier - a fiery combination.

Terriers are one of the most common breeds found in rescues, as many people underestimate them, assuming small means low maintenance. The reality is terriers are lively, intelligent dogs, prone to stubbornness. With inadequate training they can be snappy and difficult to handle. But with the right care they can be playful, enthusiastic, loyal and obedient companions.

Molly eyes

Ahead of us is a long road, potentially 16 years of caring for this new member of our family. At 3 months old Molly has had no training and is soon to go through adolescence. Everything we think we know, has gone straight out the window.

So we've decided to expand our minds and learn everything we can about dog behaviour, positive reinforcement, the tools, tips and techniques to provide a great life for Molly... and we're going to document our journey. We want to share the highs and lows of raising a rescue dog. We're not going to paint a pretty picture, but a real one and hopefully inspire others to consider adopting.

We'd love to learn from you too. Please share with us your stories >>