Harmonius hellos & eating etiquette

Training is an important part of Molly's day. It provides mental stimulation, helps us build a positive relationship, teaches life skills, increases sociability and avoids problem behaviours.

The more we attend puppy school, the more we realise it’s just as much for us as for Molly. We're learning too. More often than not if a dog does something 'wrong' its not because they're acting defiantly but rather haven't understood what was expected of them. Perhaps we asked in a different way, perhaps the context was different, perhaps there was too much distraction.

So, we need to think more like a dog. Challenge accepted.

The basic commands - sit, down, wait... aren't just tricks to be performed. The sit cue can focus a dog's attention e.g. when crossing the road. The down cue can help calm a dog in stressful situations. The wait, or stay, cue teaches a dog impulse control, so they don't lunge at the door when the bell rings.

Molly's doing so well at HPDT puppy school (helped by the fact that she's very food orientated!)

But we still have a long training journey ahead of us (neverending really). The big goal is rapid recall, meaning Molly returns to us on hearing her whistle. Reliable recall is about safety. If we can nail this she can enjoy off-lead walks with multiple distractions. We know this will be a tricky one, especially with a high energy terrier; a breed type known for stubbornness, curiosity and with a high prey drive.

Molly's current thought - chase that squirrel or return for some squeezy cheese!? 

How's your training coming along? Any tips, tools or techniques you've found useful?